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a warning to students at the university of maryland, two weekends in a row students have been the victims of violent robbery. good evening. the attacks are happening in the wee hours of the morning, and police say there's a specific reason for that. they call it crime time. it's when students are most vulnerable. derrick ward has the story from college park. >> reporter: for the second week in a row the report of an armed robbery near the campus. the latest incident was early yesterday morning. the student was working near princeton when he was approached by four individuals, he was tackled and a punch was thrown. it missed, but one suspect took cash from the wallet before all
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four ran off. police launch ad campaign to make students aware of crime time. >> it's between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. where an individual is likely to be targeted. >> reporter: just last weekend three students were attacked waiting for a campus shuttle, a group of five men punched one in the face and took his money. the incident happened around crime time. >> i think you have to be smarter about what you do. >> reporter: student eli fish says that wouldn't cause him to change his routine that sometimes has him out. >> i am aware of what's going on. scott andy says he has been a subscriber to the strength in numbers rule, but he'sry thinking that after last week's attack. >> i am often out at a bad hour. >> reporter: so the word is out. vulnerability doesn't wear a watch. if you're out between 2:00 a.m.
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and 4:00 a.m. crime time, then you're particularly susceptible. early voting started friday in maryland. already there are allegations of voter fraud. someone says they are trying to mislead voters in prince george county. >> some candidate say voters are being tricked. the state attorney general wants to get it stopped now before voters head to the polls on primary election day. >> the maryland attorney general's office is investigating political trickery involved a samp ballot being sent to voters in prince george county. >> it was being passed out and the authority line comes back to a fictitious entity. no entity put this out. there is no registered entity that put this out. so it's illegal. >> here's a sample ballot. it says official at the top. but it's anything but.
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here's the legitimate ballot. the bogus brochure says to support samuel dean for county executive. >> people died for the right to vote, is the first thought i had. tricking voters is disgusting, it's immoral. it's wrong. it's illegal. >> a candidate sent a letter to the attorney general demanding an investigation. they're worried voters will be led into supporting a candidate not supported by the democratic team. >> yn this fraudulent behavior ought to stop. >> her picture is on front of the bogus ballot and says he's concerned it will confuse voters. they were handed out at the early voting stages on friday and saturday. the attorney general says those who were handing them out were asked to stop. >> the problem with this kind of
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thing is a lot of times you can't resolve the legal issues until the election is over. the public needs to know this now. the voters need to know this now and hold these fraudsters accountable. >> he says several thousand were mailed out to voters in the 26th district. he is married to news four anchor. those connected could face charges if they're identified. back to you. >> thank you, darcy. jim graham is demanding an investigation into who sent out anonymous robocalls to his constituent. he's currently running in the primary for a fourth term. residents have received two calls lying about him. the police are investigating. >> they're illegal because they're anonymous mass telephone
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calls. there are laws and regulation relating to identification of persons who send these callses. otherwise you can imagine what would happen in every election in america. say whatever you pleased. no identification and walk away. >> both of graham's opponents issued statements. they said we want to make it clear the calls are fot soeshlted with our campaign or any known supporters. brian weaver said i can say these calls did not come from me, my campaign, or anyone affiliated with my campaign. d.c. police and the fbi are investigating. firefighters are still trying to figure out what sparked a house fire in northeast washington that happened about 5:00 this morning on minnesota avenue. from this cell phone video you can see a huge orange ball of flames. the fire was so intense the roof and porch collapsed.
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the home is a total loss. the homeowners were on vacation. no one was hurt. a new report accuses iran of giving money to theal fwan to attack u.s. troops in afghanistan. london sunday times found five kabul based iranian companies were secretly passing funds to the terrorist groups. according to the investigation, up to $1,000 being paid for every dead american and $6,000 for an american armored vehicle. iran has been funding the taliban for six months. it's likely the most telling evidence in determining what caused the gulf oil spill. now the blowout preventer is in the hands of the government. ahead, how a man's coworkers jumped in to save his life. and he became a working man's hero overnight. now that jetblue flight attendant could be hitting the unemployment line. chuck? >> labor day just a few more
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hours away. then we all have to go back to school for good, everybody. a complete check of a labor day forecast is coming up. the nationals try to take the series from the pirates. the redskins announce practice squad. plus a new twist in the albert haynes saga. it will not go away.
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>> at least 38 people died in three separate landslides along the same highway in guatemala. heavy rains have pelted gautm guatemala for days, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. two landslides in the same spot killed at least 20 people. another slide closer to guatemala city killed at least another 12 people. officials say at least 60 people are still missing. well, the investigation into the bp oil spill took a big step forward today as federal authorities were finally able to analyze a key piece of evidence. the 300-ton failed blowout preventer was brought to dry land last night. the fbi hopes by studying the device they can figure out what caused the deadly explosion. now the preventer is out of the gulf, officials are moving forward with a permanent solution to plugging the well. >> very pleased to announce with
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the new blowout preventer on the well, this well does not constitute a threat to the gulf of mexico at this point. we should be ready to move forward again, sometimes next week. >> after the well is plugged the foe will turn to cleaning up the damage from the oil explosion. still to come, remember the flight attendant who made a dramatic commit from a jetblue flight, it may have been his final farewell for the airline. chuck has the forecast coming up after the break.
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a county construction worker is in stable condition after getting trapped covered with dirt inside of a deep trench. . it happened outside an apartment building on walker mill road in district heights. before rescuers got there his coworkers jumped in to save his life. >> while he was there with a shovel and his coworkers with a small backhoe were assuming the vibration caused a pile to cascade down on him, basically covered him from, as best we understand, from basically the top of his head to his feet. his friends got him out to waist level almost immediately. >> rescuers spent two hours digging to free the man with their own hands. he was conscious when they
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finally carried them out. flight attendant steven slater's stunt has now cost him his job. jetblue airways announced the flight attendant no longer works for the company. last month he let loose a tie rain on the speaker and slid down the emergency chute. he faces criminal charges including criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. 13 years after her death, the u.s. government is honoring mother theresa by putting her likage in a postage stamp. it was unveiled in afternoon in washington. the catholic nun was known for her able to give world business and political leeers to give time to those in need. mother theresa won the nobel peace prize in 1979. she was declared an honorary u.s. citizen in 1996, a year
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before her death. the bieber fever started early in maryland. fans were lining up hours ago for the show. it starts at 7:00 tonight. justin has been a draw to this year's fair. a baby calf born today at the fair, get this, was named jus n justin. i'm sure justin bieber fans will get out in any weather. likely they have a treat. >> nice weather for the rest of your evening, on your sunday. labor day is looking good. it's going to be a beauty of a day. another day on the way with spark sparkling blue skies. how long will it last? how many ways could you have enjoyed today east weather. you have volleyball. way number one.
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light breeze is out there. just enough. if you have a boat, beautiful day for sailing. or if you're adventurous. you could be this guy. this thing would pick much up off the ground in two seconds i would be airborne over the potomac. he never got off the ground. i don't know what he's got in his backpack, but i suspect it's about 50 pounds of led. that's a great looking way to spend the day outside he certainly enjoyed it. beautiful weather outside this afternoon. current temperature a beautiful 80 degrees outside right now. the dupts have dropped back down into the mid 40s. it's going to be a cool night tonight with a relatively clear sky after the sun goes down. winds have started to come back around to the south. that's an indication that warmer days are just around the corner. right now 78 degrees in arlington.
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80 in frederick, maryland. 76 at the naval academy in annapolis. ocean city, maryland. a light breeze. 75 at the coastline. labor day with a huge area of high pressure centered over the ohio valley is pushing our way. labor day be go off without a hitch. this dry stretch of weather will be sticking around for quite some time. most of the energy will go racing up to portions of the great lakes. our next real chance for rain will be this area of moisture here. hurricane center keeping an eye on it. it has a slight chance of becoming tropical in nature. it's close enough to the coastline, i don't think it will worry about being named. that's the next area of moisture
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that will come our way saturday or sunday before it can get here. another long dry week around the area. this evening, clear skies and rapid cooling once the sun goes down with a clearing sky. temperatures in the 60s this evening. starting off tomorrow morning, 40s in the cooler suburbs to upper 50s in town. then another great day with a beautiful sky. very dry weather. couple more college football games tomorrow. in baltimore, maryland and navy kick it off at 4:00. perfect football weather for that game. a big one at fedex field. that ought to be a sellout. near 90 on tuesday. we still have a threat of making it to 90 wards wednesday. our next chance of rain shows up next weekend. >> thank you so much. appreciate your forecast. coming up,
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the word drama and albert haynesworth always belong in the same sentence. >> he's a reality tv star. >> when is it coming? >> maybe on bravo or vh1.
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>> a housewives dual. did you really think the drama would be over with albert haynesworth? today jason reid of the "washington post" is reporting that two team sources called albert's final preseason performance awful. haynesworth played 49 of the 55 snaps against the cardinals this past thursday. haynesworth gave little effort, failed to follow the new three-four defensive scheme and shannahan has lost his patience with the nine-year veteran. he took part in very few plays and is highly unlikely he would start in the season opener against the cowboys. the redskins signed seven players to the squad today. safety anderson russell and will
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r r r robinson and eric cook. practice players make over $88,000 for all 17 weeks of the season. talking baseball. this season, nationals slugger adam dunn either hit really well or not at all. today he reached a milestone hitting his 3'50" career home run. he was the fifth player in history to accomplish that in his first big league season. you're so not hitting that. only allowed one earned run. pretty good. top four now. adam dunn. sitting on career home run number 349. get 'er done.
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adam kennedy grounds one to first. nats taking advantage of three pirate errors in the ball game. in the fourth, ryan zimmerman is up with the bases loaded. base knocked to center. ramos and marquis. bottom four, pittsburgh at the plate. check out nooijer morgan. take two of three from pittsburgh. here's the skipper. >> we played good, hard baseball. got a couple breaks here and
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there. it comes down to pitching. we pitched well today. then started getting ground balls setting good. deny let anything get away from us. didn't let it creep back in the game. we had a lot of big hits. >> all right. let's go to baltimore. o's hosting. r ripken's record will never be broken. roberts hit the plate with two on. drives it over kyle crawford. hooer comes istur. he's in there. safe. orioles take is 6-5 lead. top nine. o's up by a run. facing longoria. he's really good. not here, though. gets him to end the game, strike
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three. the orioles win it 8-7. now tiger woods has been the number one player in the world for the last 273 weeks. that may change. steve stricker the first. the number one ranking is up for grabs. phil mickelson. this is beautiful. on 15, in for birdie. five shots back of the leader. here's stricker from 40 feet back. got it. how about this guy? in the rough on the par five. that's in. he's at 16 under. one behind the leader. 22-year-old jasonday seeking his
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second gpa tour win. he was steady all day long on number 11. sinks it for birdie. he as a one-stroke lead at 17 under. wrapping things up. can i say i'm surprised? i'm not surprised. this will just draw out. >> all redskins fans are ready to put it behind us. >> thanks so much. nightly television
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